September 2019 Report Card

Each month we review Hosted Desktop UK's Apps based on specific criteria: App uptime and customer satisfaction

This is how we did in September

100% uptime across all HDUK Apps

"Uptime" refers to the time period when our apps are up and running with no problems.

100.0% gave us the highest Customer Service rating

Customers rate every ticket with our support team. 100.0% had a great experience.

100% Uptime

Below is our uptime for September compared to August. See our Status Site for real-time status.


24 hours uptime

Less than 10 minutes down

More than 10 minutes down

100.0% Customer Satisfaction

34 customers rated their experience with their support interactions this month. 100.0% said great, 0.0% said it was just OK and 0.0% said it wasn't so good. See real-time results at the Customer Support Report.




59% of questions asked during business hours were answered in less than 1 hour with a median response time of 2 hrs .

Last month (September) Previous month (August)
Answered in less than 1 hour 59% 49%
Median response time 2 hrs 4 hrs